The City of Brasov

Brasov (in Hungarian Brasso, in German Kronstadt : the city of the crown, in Latin Corona : a crown) is a city in the centre of Romania, in the heart of Carpathian Mountains, recognised as the municipium (local administrative capital city) of Brasov canton.

Brasov is located in Barsa area, an historical region of Transylvania, and stretches around Tampa hill. It is an historical Saxon foundation.

Its fortress was built at the beginning of 11th century under the reign of Stephen I of Hungary and was granted in 1211 by its successor Andew II to Teutonic Order as fiefdom of the order, along with a set of strong fortification in order to restrain the destructive effect of Munghal and Tartar invasions coming from the present Ukrainian territory. After these invasions, the Order moved to North Europe and the city kept developing until the beginning of the 20th century with an important German population and a minor Romanian population.

According to the 2011 official census, the city population was of 253,200 inhabitants and 549,217 for the Brasov canton. The city is an important touristic centre and Eastern Europe’s biggest ski resort. It has long been an important economic centre.